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We specialize in website design and development working as a private contractor, helping businesses and organizations to become known on the fast growing Internet.

E-commerce Magento Theme Prima

Prima Ecommerce Theme

These things are inherent to the ecommerce that is a synonym for effective e-shopping. Though this is an open-source CMS this one can sell and bring more customers than analogous CMSs. This CMS cannot be liked with its performance as it requires many server resources, however, even though this e-commerce platform is the most effective for e-shopping. It has integrated modern design that is attractive and it has great content management features, which enable site owner to control all users' actions and purchases. Furthermore, this CMS provides better experience for both site owner and customers. All users can get benefits from this e-shop and will appreciate the work with it. Prima Magento Theme Online businesses which used this CMS always boost their sales, therefore, quite good decision to use just Magento for e-shopping. However, Magento itself, even having good design cannot be attractive enough for effective e-shopping. It requires some more ideas and features in look. So, one should buy some theme for Magento to ensure that it will bring maximum benefits. Otherwise, some available opportunities of it will be disabled. Considering the themes one should underline Prima theme specially designed for Magento and it can provide all necessary functionality to ensure stable and comfortable work with e-shop within all time of work with e-shop. Certainly one can change the theme with time and Prima theme is in constant development, so one can easily update it.

Colour in advertising - Part 2

advertising colors

This reaction is created subliminally so one cannot control these reactions. Therefore, businessmen should understand all reactions, which can appear towards the using colors. Gender factors Even gender factors are involved in the color perception. There are truly male colors and female ones. And user can subliminally understand that this brand is specially created for him/her. Really bad decision is to paint male shavers in pink, purple colors. These ones are associated with females and they will produce negative effect on male customers. This particular product will lose popularity and all costs spent on its promotion will be futile. While painting the logo in purple for company manufacturing female handbags is adequate strategy and female like this color, so they will not avoid this product. And next turn is given to product and its characteristics. Color cannot make customer buy something, however it can attract attention. Play with colors, learn colors effects and have business in colors!

Advertising colours - Part 1


However, color is important psychological issues except brand sign. Even brand designers use colors in their creation to influence some society parts. Color psychology Color psychology quite effective thing for design and it provides much more benefits than just using the readable colors. Speaking of the colors, this issue was accepted by many businessmen in the various branches like supermarkets, shops and logos. This concept can convey some peculiar message to customers. Colors impact directly on our brains and can change the mood or create some peculiar relation to viewed object. So colors influence people directly through the brain reactions. Some parts of brain can release some peculiar hormones and they change our mood, our behavior can be changed accordingly. Double-edged knife Colors can produce both good, bad reaction and mismatched colors can ruin the advertisement strategy if it evokes bad feelings. And many businessmen are not aware of the impact of colors and hire promoters to draw customers' attention and they looking at the unpleasant colors leave the site and businessman thinks that promoter did the task incorrectly. However, even promoters understand the influence of colors, so they can guide the site's policy on the right direction to get full potential from colors.