Advertising colours - Part 1

However, color is important psychological issues except brand sign. Even brand designers use colors in their creation to influence some society parts.

Color psychology

Color psychology quite effective thing for design and it provides much more benefits than just using the readable colors. Speaking of the colors, this issue was accepted by many businessmen in the various branches like supermarkets, shops and logos. This concept can convey some peculiar message to customers. Colors impact directly on our brains and can change the mood or create some peculiar relation to viewed object. So colors influence people directly through the brain reactions. Some parts of brain can release some peculiar hormones and they change our mood, our behavior can be changed accordingly.

Double-edged knife

Colors can produce both good, bad reaction and mismatched colors can ruin the advertisement strategy if it evokes bad feelings. And many businessmen are not aware of the impact of colors and hire promoters to draw customers' attention and they looking at the unpleasant colors leave the site and businessman thinks that promoter did the task incorrectly. However, even promoters understand the influence of colors, so they can guide the site's policy on the right direction to get full potential from colors.