Colour in advertising - Part 2

This reaction is created subliminally so one cannot control these reactions. Therefore, businessmen should understand all reactions, which can appear towards the using colors.

Gender factors

Even gender factors are involved in the color perception. There are truly male colors and female ones. And user can subliminally understand that this brand is specially created for him/her. Really bad decision is to paint male shavers in pink, purple colors. These ones are associated with females and they will produce negative effect on male customers. This particular product will lose popularity and all costs spent on its promotion will be futile. While painting the logo in purple for company manufacturing female handbags is adequate strategy and female like this color, so they will not avoid this product. And next turn is given to product and its characteristics. Color cannot make customer buy something, however it can attract attention. Play with colors, learn colors effects and have business in colors! Find out more information about online advertising on Brandino