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Welcome to CCHITS Web Design..... The Golden Web Award winning web design company

We are a company that specialises in high quality, original web design incorporating materials which relate to our customers business. We try to create an appealing environment coupled with a strong identity which is both easy to navigate and also quick to download by all your visitors/customers.


Information presented in an intuitive manner

    Obvious navigation Selective content Regular and accurate updates How Many People Have Time To Wade Through Masses Of Text ? Highlighted text sections will help to make digesting information easier, but bullet pointed bare facts are even easier to understand.
    • "How Often Have You Heard People Say..."
    • "I visited the site a few times but it hasn't been updated for 6 months..."
    • "When I got there it was waaaay too slow to download so I didn't bother looking..."
    • "Most of the links didn't work..."
    • "There was a fancy graphics presentation that crashed my machine..."

    It is human nature to expect things to "just happen" and all of us have been on the receiving end of poor design at some time or another. On a well designed web site, everything should happen as expected and there should be a clear navigation route.

    At CCHITS Web Design, we are aware that all the people surfing the net are not 100% computer literate and may even find computers rather scary!! When designing a site we make sure that your web visitors will find your site both appealing, informative,functional and easy to navigate. To see our sites in action, simply click on the links in navigation screen on the left...

    COSTINGS..... Complete websites from $99 Web page including domain name of your choice, advice on free hosting and uploading to relevant server. Site layouts - Why not let us redesign your existing site ? If you have a site which is functional but unattractive then why not let us redesign it. This option will save you money because all the information is already in a web friendly format.

    Full website designs

    We can produce a full site for you which may include:

    • Site layout and design.
    • Web pages from $30 each (depending on content)
    • Shopping carts and automated programs which will help the running of your business
    • We arrange web hosting and offer free advice on which is best for your situation

    We are friendly to deal with, so if you would like to contact us then just click the button marked email :)